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A Year of Instagram

** This post was originally published in 2014 and is now out of date! ** Every New Year the newspapers and magazines are full of reviews, looking back over the year and forward to 2013. Breaking the mould, it seemed like a good opportunity reflect on a few years in March, not January, with the […]


Exmoor Beast 2

Version 2 of this video is in colour and has a couple of clips from the riders talking about the sportive/challenge. This was the original cut, more-or-less, but due to time constraints this version had to be put on ice temporarily.


Cosworth Group

Products and people for Adaero precision instruments We recently had the great pleasure to undertake some technical photography for precision component manufacturer, Adaero, part of the Cosworth group. A separate page has been created to show of some of Adaero’s beautiful products (from medical to aerospace by way of a hundred other industries) in finer […]

Cassini’s Voyage

NASA images from the edge of the solar system While busy with commercial work – a separate post to come soon – I thought it of note to post this incredible image. Taken by the Cassini space probe (which happens to be near* Saturn) of Saturn’s rings and the Earth in the distance (annotated). What […]


Exmouth Winter

Exmouth Winter Days video An experimental video motivated by being drawn to a seaside resort in off-season. What storyline? Initially it was shoot and see what happens. A creative exercise. As time drew on, I realised the weather (variable to say the least) was the narrative – the rain driving me away from the town […]