Professional corporate photography for UK businesses
corporate portrait photography for UK business


Shot on location with a mobile lighting/studio set-up, these images (a very small selection displayed here) were part of programme to have everyone within the company photographed professionally for email signatures and internal corporate business uses; that is, everyone from ground floor workers to managers and office staff (200+ people). The company manufactures products in Devon for sale all around the UK.

The idea was to have some realism within the photos – not everyone would be pristine (ie maintenance workers would be dusty etc) and the photography would use a classic style of lighting to achieve genuine and honest images of the staff. This was complemented by the use of monochrome images and a black background.

I have to applaud the company for this creative approach, the images to my mind work really well and are a refreshing change from the normal corporate head and shoulders photographs.

Many thanks to the company involved for permission to publish these photographs here.

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