Editorial portraits for Network Rail


Editorial photography for a Network Rail story on mental health issues – depression etc. With a story such as this, it’s really important that the photography reflects the storyline. The first ideas were shot in bright sunshine and, to my mind, didn’t work. Thankfully, a while later on, the clouds appeared and the scene was set for an image that could be a little more pensive, reflective and complementary to the story.



Creating space to bleed the image over two pages while keeping the subject in a prominent frame position


The images were shot with a softbox and grid off camera right along with a neutral density filter to reduce the aperture value while balancing it below the maximum sync speed of the flash (i.e. to slightly underexpose the background while controlling the light on the subject). Despite the cloud the scene was quite bright and needed toning down to emphasise the subject and allow for text and headline overlay.


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