shooting video at Westward Ho Devon

Creative Video of surfer in Westward Ho North Devon

A test desaturated yellow colour grade using a still from the shoot

Shooting a video can be tough, especially when the sun is out and the temperatures finally creep up to 16C. This is a still from one of the longer term video projects I’m currently engaged with. Today’s location being Westward Ho! in North Devon – a place, I have to admit, that I have rarely been to before now. Ice cream vans, cafes selling great coffee and great weather. What’s not to like?

Colour grading a film or video is an immensely difficult art – for people not used to it at least. It can take weeks to do. Here I’m just experimenting with ideas and looks, in particular the warm, yellowish (Kodak film), washed-out (i.e. desaturated) and vintage look suits the images but may not suit the film in its entirety.

This video, being kept under wraps pro tem, will hopefully be ready in late 2014.