** This post was originally published in 2012 and is now out of date! **

Adding an ability to shoot some images quickly and of enough quality for social media uses (Facebook, Google+) is useful in providing clients more “bang for their buck”. This shoot, for Ski Famille was in the ski resorts of Les Gets and Reberty in France, and, where time allowed, the brilliant quality of the Samsung Galaxy S2 was used to shoot some latest snow and resort view images for Facebook.

While phones (whether iPhone or whatever) can now provide high enough quality for this target, the images are still very much lo-fi; heavily processed and compressed jpgs in sRGB as opposed to the hi-fi Canon 5D MarkII images which are shot in RAW and carefully post-processed into the larger colour space of aRGB, colour-corrected, burned and dodged etc and have a much larger file size with quality photosites and pixel density.

Having said that, the ability to fulfil immediate social media needs using the smartphone camera is a boon and in demand. Having the ability to fulfil that demand with this phone is a pleasure and another weapon in the photographic armoury.

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